Creating a High-Performance Culture: The Role of Company Culture in Driving Success

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Companies with successful cultures are 5X more likely to see significant revenue increases this year.

In the age of quiet quitting and the great resignation, how is your organization meeting the needs of its employees in a genuine way to create a culture that is a catalyst for improvement and growth?

To dig deeper into the role of culture in driving success, we partnered with research firm Ascend2 to survey 300+ strategic leaders on how culture impacts performance. The research explores what exactly makes for a high-performance culture—and what’s at stake when an organization’s culture is considered negative or even “toxic.”

Download a copy of the report to find out:
  • What organizations with best-in-class cultures are prioritizing this year
  • How leadership development, team performance, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives impact culture
  • The competitive advantage that sets high-performing companies apart

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